Get started

The first steps you have to do are very clear and easy.
First, get an editor. Any editor. If you are using windows, it could be that you have an editor preinstalled. Don't use it unless it is Notepad++.

We recommend to install the Brackets editor. Easy to use and free of charge. If you want to know how to use 'Brackets', then please watch this guide how to use Brackets. After installing Brackets or an other editor you like, which supports code highlighting, then you are on the right track and halfway there.

Second, you have to download one of our templates. After downloading, you will get a ZIP folder which you have to extract. In the ZIP folder are all files to create / edit your template to you needs.


Edit your template

Open the folder of your template in your editor, where all files are in. If you use Brackets, you can also rightclick on the folder and chose the menupoint 'Open with Brackets'. On the left side (in Brackets) shows up all the files which are in the template folder. Click on the 'index.htm' file and the file with the code will open in your editor.

Now, the usage of Brackets pays off because it hightlights the code and all 'tags'. Tags are the things like 'h2', or 'p' marked in the '<>' brackets. In those tags you see the content which is also shown on your website later. The content normally is highlighted in white. By changing / editing the text into yours, you can turn the template to your personal CV.

Brackets' secret weapon

The reason why we recommend Brackets is simple. Brackets has a secret weapon. The Live Preview.

The live preview supports people to use and edit our templates better even if they don't understand HTML5. If you have a look at your Brackets editor to the upper right corner you will see a small flash/bolt/lightning icon like this one .

After clicking this icon, a new browser window opens automatically (Google Chrome only). This is your live preview. You now should see the whole template in this window but with the wrong details as name and all the other contents has to be changed by you now to your personal details. As so far it is nothing special but now do me a favor and leftclick to a headline or a paragraph or any other content in the template live preview. After clicking switch back to your editor and have a look to the content which stays between the 'tags'. It should be the same as the text you have clicked in the live preview.

By clicking the content in the live preview the editor jumps directly to the 'tag' which belongs to the clicked content. And this helps and supports a lot if you don't understand HTML5.

HTML Course

In January 2019 we plan to upload our own free HTML5 course on Vimeo. So, if you want to get deeper into HTML or you want to understand our code better, then have a look at it.

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