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What is Muztrap?

Someday everybody needs a CV. The most of the people still have their CV's in hard copy. Some already changed to the digital solution.

The problem: Many people are afraid of the digital way as they don't know how to start and what to do. So, they switch back to the traditional way. Muztrap is a platform to help and support you getting your own CV done.

To the templates

How to use it?

It is very easy to use Muztrap templates. If you are able to write and understand HTML code, then you just need an editor like Brackets or Visual Studio Code. After installed the editor, you can open the HTML files and edit the content with your personal details.

If you are not familiar with HTML, then you can watch our guide how to change content in our HTML files. All you need to start is an editor like the two above or you use Notepad++ which could be already installed on your Windows computer.

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Customised Muztrap

You haven't found a template that fits to your needs or you just don't like it? Don't worry about it! We also write customised CV's just for you and your needs. Get in contact with us and ask for a customised template.